A comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to restoring the body’s beauty is a principal task of professional cosmetics. It is based on the achievements of cosmetology that is closely related to medicine, chemistry and biology, as well as practical experience and knowledge built over the years.

WAt the INVICTA Anti-Aging Clinic we make use of the most recent achievements of cosmetics and innovative solutions in order to ensure that our Patients get the best quality of services, comfort and the sense of safety. The treatments offered by the Clinic have beneficial effect on skin condition and appearance, and prevent the effects of aging processes as well as the occurrence of undesired changes.

Our qualified staff carry out treatments if skin care, beauty and medical cosmetics, and provides advice on the methods of skin care. Regardless of age and expectations, at INVICTA Anti-Aging Clinic every woman will find something for herself.

INVICTA Klinika Anti-Aging

(C.H Madison, III piętro)
ul. Rajska 10


tel. 58 58 58 805
kom. 784 370 185


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